Buying Shylow Stoops NFT

This guide will tell you how to mint (purchase) a Shylow Stoops® NFT once the main sale is open.

  1. When does the main sale start?

    The main sale for the Shylow Stoops® NFTs are currently scheduled to start listing in January on with a starting circulating supply of 25 to be sold at the price of 0.5 SOL per NFT.

  2. How can I mint (purchase) a Shylow Stoops® NFT when the main sale is open?

    Minting a Shylow Stoops NFT in the main sale will be easy - you will just need to head over to a marketplace which will soon be determined. Once you're at the site you will see the NFTs for the price of 0.5 SOL. You will then need to connect your wallet where it says "connect wallet" in order for you to physically make a purchase. Once you've clicked "connect wallet", you can then select the Phantom wallet option. You may then be asked to enter your Phantom password that you set up upon adding and creating your Phantom wallet. Enter your password and you should then be connected to the site. You can now purchase whichever Shylow Stoops NFT you like!

    Please keep in mind, you will need to approve a transaction for every Shylow Stoops® NFT you want to mint and purchase.