Buying Solana (SOL)

Buying SOL is easy. This guide will explain to you how to do so.

  1. Using Chainbits to purchase Solana (SOL):

    makes purchasing SOL extremely easy. You can also buy SOL through a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (, Binance, Coinbase, FTX, etc.) if you already have an account with them and are familiar.

    With Chainbits, you don't need to spend time creating an account - all you need to do is input the USD amount of SOL you are wanting to purchase, and then go through the payment process with your card.

    Purchase SOL with Chainbits here.

    When you load the page, it will look something like this.

    You want to buy SOL, so click the dropdown that says "BTC" and select the "SOL" option. It costs 0.5 SOL to mint a Shylow Stoops® NFT in the main sale, so if you want to purchase 2 Shylow Stoops® NFTs for example, set the purchase amount to 1.0 SOL (purchase a little extra so you can pay any fees).

    For the dropdown that currently says "CAD" in the screenshot, click on it and change it to your native currency (USD, CAD, GDP, etc).

    Now, we need to enter our Solana address - you can get this from your Phantom wallet. Pop-out your wallet using the Phantom icon in the top right menu of your browser where your toolbar is located. Once open, click the top of the pop up where it said "Wallet 1" (or whatever you named your wallet) - This will copy your wallet address to your clipboard so you can easily paste it.

    After clicking that, close the wallet pop up and go back to the Chainbits website.

    Now paste your wallet address into the input box that says "Solana address". Your page should now look something like this, except with your own wallet address inputed.

    Now press the "Continue" button to proceed with the buying process. From here, the buying process should be quite straightforward. You will need to enter your method of payment along with some personal information like phone and email (no ID or picture needed). Once the payment is taken, you will not have to wait long before the Solana (SOL) enters your wallet. You will receive an email once your SOL is in your wallet with the subject: "Your blockchain transaction ID".

    Once the SOL is in your wallet, you are fully ready and prepared for minting (purchasing).

    Click here to view the how to purchase a Shylow Stoops® NFT page.